When to Give Groomsmen Gifts to Your Guys


As a man you probably aren’t used to buying other men gifts, treat and you have no clue what to get them. If you are trying to find some gifts for your groomsmen, and your soon to be wife has left the groomsman gifts responsibility up to you, you may have to think out of the box a little. You may be planning on giving them the items while you are at your bachelor party, or maybe at the rehearsal dinner, so you want to decide quickly. You want to get them something that they are going to use and appreciate.

Unlike women, men most likely won’t keep their groomsmen gifts on a shelf to display. They want something that is going to be purposeful. If you have friends that like to smoke cigarettes or cigars, getting them an expensive metal lighter that they can refill and carry around is great. This is something that you can have engraved with their initials, and it’s something that they can use for years into the future.Cigars alone are also great gifts. If your friends are planning on going golfing before the big day, or if you want to bring something to your bachelor party or rehearsal, you can give them their gifts of cigars. You can choose expensive imported options, to make the occasional more special than a normal outing you all would share.

when-give-groomsmen-giftsIf your friends have man caves or bars, or they like to drink beer or mix drinks, you can get them a set of nice glasses. You can often get these at glass stores or outlets, or you can order them online at an affordable cost. You can even have the glassware engraved with their name, or you can get glasses that have their name painted on. You can have witty sayings like, “John’s Tavern” or such added to the items.

If you don’t think that your friends need something so monumental from the big day, you may want to get them a something like a gift card. This could be to a nice restaurant that they like to eat at, or even somewhere they can buy retail items. You can also use it at the place where you are going to eat or go for your bachelor party. They have to spend a lot of money to be in the wedding, so they may appreciate getting a gift card so they can spend money on themselves.

cool-golf-toolA round of golf at a local course, or tickets to a concert that you can all go to together is another great idea. You may want to do this for your entire wedding party, so you can all hang out together. It shows you will all still hang out after you have gotten married, and that you want to plan future events with the people that are supporting you on your special day.

If you are going to have everyone join you for breakfast the morning after the wedding to open gifts, you can decide to save all of the gifts for the morning. That is a great farewell gift for the end of the celebrations. The timing for groomsmen gifts is going to depend on what they are going to use the gift for.

If your wife has left you in charge of groomsmen gifts and you aren’t sure what to get, or when to give them, talk with your future wife to discuss when she is giving her gifts. Maybe the two of you will want to do the gifts at the same time, so both sides of your wedding party feel equally appreciated.

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