Your Shepherd in Midst of the Wedding Chaos

It’s coming in from everywhere, this site the DJ calling you asking for your playlist, ask the mother in law trying to customize the appetizer menu, page your bride pacing the halls wondering if the guests are going to love their favors.   You sit back asking yourself what you signed up for, dreaming back to those days when you could sit on a couch all weekend with a six pack and NFL Red Zone.  Listen fellas, the wedding ritual, it’s stressful.  After your world tour in search of the perfect wedding reception venue and negotiating with limo companies, you’re fried and just want the big day to get here.  When all the dust settles, the element of the sequence that often ends up getting the short end of the stick – your groomsmen.  Do they deserve it?  Heck no, these are your buddies, your amigos, the men that helped shape you into the man you are today.  They’ll be with you till the end, unconditionally.   Don’t let that moment pass drained of mental ammunition when you go out finding them that gift of appreciation and symbolism.  Don’t skim the net and hit send on Amazon the first decent thing you see.  Get these guys something they are going to be jazzed about and feel like you took the time to think about them.

As Xmas approaches, we here at CGG want to be your beacon of light through the fuzz and static.  We want to provide you with three absolute no brainer ideas that are sure to explode with creativity, ingenuity and personality as you pass the gift to your posse during the rehearsal.  Here is what we are seeing that is what we call the “checking all the boxes”  groomsmen gifts:


1)       The Group Caricature – what doesn’t this bad boy offer.  It’s hysterical, it’s customized, it’s personal.  It is the gift of gifts and you can have fun with it. It will be a bonding gift amongst your buddies for life and will give their current or future wife no way of asking them to take it down for some Pottery Barn candle holder.  You can’t go wrong.


2)      All in One Sinful – so think about it, what are a few common themes of what has historically brought men together?  Sports, golf, poker……………….sports, golf, poker.  What are some of the common activities of what bonds men during these venues?  Booze and cigars.  What is a gift you can get that houses just about everything you need to transport sleekly all those items you need to spark up and pour?  This god sent amazement of a gift.  Another no brainer.



3)      Bobblehead – we’ve been raving about this one forever.  It’s something psychological.  We can’t put our fingers on it exactly, but men love bobbleheads.  Maybe it’s the way that giant noggin reduces stress as you flick it.  Maybe it’s the way it makes you laugh just buy looking at it.  It’s almost like an inside lawn troll, you can put it anywhere and you know it’s your little friend that will be there for you.   Now get a guy one that is a version of himself and it’s almost like you gave him the little brother he always wanted.  Score.



Now there’s a lot more options out there and no two guys are the same, but if you want what we consider the crème de la crème of groomsmen gifts, here you are.  We are your shepherd.

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