Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a groomsmen gift that is out of the ordinary, we have put together the following list of unique gifts for your fellas.  These aren’t the types of gifts you will see given at most weddings, but you groomsmen will be psyched to get them.

hand-forged-groomsmen-giftPersonalized Hand forged Bottle Opener

These rustic, hand forged bottle openers can be customized with the names of each of your groomsmen. Every guy needs a good bottle opener. This is a great simple gift, for guys who are not into all the fluff that comes with wedding gift giving.  These awesome groomsmen gifts will run you about $30 bucks a pop on Etsy.

personalized-keepsake-box-gift Keepsake Boxes

A beautiful wooden keepsake box can be a wonderful groomsmen gift. Engraving your groomsmen’s initials on the box can add a timeless touch. At the risk of sounding too cheesy, you could consider engraving a short message on the inside of the box to each groomsman. A wedding is a perfect, socially acceptable opportunity for guys who are usually not too vocal about their emotions to open up and share with their closest friends how much they actually mean to them.  You can find this one on Etsy for $30.

wallet-groomsmen-giftsWallet Sized Survival Kit

One of the best gifts for the groomsmen who are outdoors man or like to camp.  You can pack this survival kit in your pocket and carry it around with you wherever you go without even knowing it is there.  You never know what kind of situation your groomsmen will end up in, and this great groomsmen gift just might save their life.  The best part is it is very affordable, it can be had for about $15 on Amazon.com.


If all of your groomsmen have similar interests, then shopping for their gifts is a little bit easier. If all of your groomsmen are sports fans, then shopping for them is super easy with this cool groomsmen gift idea. The Scorzie looks like you average drink koozie but with a twist. The top of the koozie comes equipped with score keeping dials in red and blue, so that your buddies can keep up with who is winning while keeping their drinks cool too.  You can get the Scorzie on this website for $13. 

unique-speakers-groomsmen-giftAt the card party’s with your groomsmen, there will need to be music. Portability is the greatest thing about the latest technological innovations. Being able to D.J. for the buds from any Bluetooth enabled device will be a great gift. The Philips wireless Bluetooth BT2500 portable speaker is the gift that will not only make the groomsmen feel special, but it will also make the groom look thoughtful.   You can get the awesome speaker pictures to the left for $50 on Amazon.

monogrammed-bow-tieMonogramed Bow Ties
These attractive ties have a great personal touch with monogrammed initials on them. The ties come in a variety of colors. You can order them in varying colors or to match the wedding colors. This gift will add an interesting touch to any man’s wardrobe. This is great if you are looking for less traditional groomsmen’s gifts.  You can get these personalized for around $50 a pop here.



toiletry-bag-mustache-groomsmen-giftToiletry Bag

Shying away from the cheesy and cliché, try thinking outside the traditional groomsmen gift box, and go for something your guys will actually use, and may actually not have. A Dopp Kit (travel toiletries bag) is a necessity that men never know they need until they need it. To really slather on the class here, purchase high quality, leather Dopp bags with each groomsman’s initial engraved. They’ll be using it for decades!  You can have the one pictured here on Etsy for $40.


If you need more ideas, don’t forget that we have an entire section of our website dedicated to unique groomsmen gift ideas.
The gifts that you choose for your groomsmen should say a great deal about the nature of your friendship, so if you and your friends have shared nothing but hilarity and drunken debauchery, your gift should reflect that. When your groomsmen have given you years of laughter, it is important that your gift to them is something that will provide them with a few laughs of their own. Here are seven suggestions to get you started:

Personalized Bobblehead Doll

What better way to show your appreciation for your groomsmen than by immortalizing them all as a bobblehead. Any time they look at this gift on their desk and see the cartoonish face bobbling up and down, they are sure to chuckle and remember the day of your wedding.  These will run you about $100 dollars on this website.


Customized NFL Jerseys

Bonding over football is a time-honored tradition among men, so get your groomsmen a gift that they can wear each and every Sunday. If you want to be nice, you can put the names of your groomsmen on the back of each jersey. Better yet, you can have that embarrassing nickname they thought everyone had forgotten permanently emblazoned across their shoulders.  These will run you about $140 on NFL.com.




Customized Gnomes

Everyone has that friend who drank too much at the bar and then spent the rest of the night puking in the bushes on the way home. Freeze this moment in time by turning your groomsmen into gnomes, where they can remain among the flora they so haphazardly destroyed. You can put them in all kinds of compromising scenarios too, so it is possible to accurately depict any embarrassing moment you choose. In gnome form, you can get them here.

The Flask Tie

You have probably shared a drink or two with your groomsmen, and there have probably been plenty of occasions in which you wished you could share one but could not due to it being an “inappropriate occasion.” Since most of these occasions require formal wear, give your groomsmen this flask tie so you can share a drink at the next office meeting or funeral you have to attend.  These will only run you $22 on this website.


Wooden Six-Pack Holder

While this wooden six-pack holder is not necessarily a funny gift in and of itself, it will be funny when you tell your groomsmen that there is no open bar at your wedding and they can bring their own beer using this holder. The holder can be personalized, so you can tell them their beer will be safe and no one will confuse whose beer belongs to whom.  You can get this great gift on Etsy for $30.


Bathroom Golf Game

If you want your friends to enjoy their time on the toilet more than they already do — or if you just want to help them stay single — consider giving them this bathroom golf game. The mat fits around the toilet so that your groomsmen can work on their short game while they also work on, well, you know. This will also keep them from calling you while they are on the toilet to talk about fantasy football or to tell you about how the meal you shared the night before is currently affecting them.  This funny gift will cost you $20 on this website.



Leather Wrapped Flask

This flask is perfect for reflecting the effect that alcohol has on you and your groomsmen. The customizable leather wrap denotes how quickly you and your groomsmen progress from “one drink” to “damn fool” in a stylish and unforgettable manner.  You can find out more about these bad boys on this website for $30.

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