Tickets To an Event

D10-TIX_SU_B_^_SUNDAYPurchase tickets for a sporting event that you can attend together. For the gift presentation pick up a symbol of the event. You can find tickets for any type of event on For instance – if you choose tickets to a baseball game – pick up a baseball for each man. You could sign the ball and put the date of your wedding on it. You could even look online to see if you could purchase a personalized ball. This would be a cool groomsmen gift to display in his man-cave after the event. In a gift box with the ball put the ticket you have purchased for the game. You could even include a disposable camera to catch memories of the event . The pictures could be framed to hang in a man-cave later, so you could include a cool picture frame in the box, too. Include a canned beverage and a ticket for you to purchase a hot dog at the game. You could include a box of cracker jacks that are often identified with baseball games…sunglasses…a personalized beer mug with a can of beer in it…a ball cap or tee-shirt. Your budget – your choice. Put all the items in a box with some tissue paper and tie the box shut with a masculine ribbon. (Think basketball, football and other sporting events that fit your group.)

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