Seven Great Groomsmen Gift Ideas For Business Guys

Shopping for gifts for your groomsmen may seem like an incredibly difficult task. After all, these are some of your closest friends, and it is important for you to show your appreciation for all that they have done for you over the years. Fortunately for you, finding cool gifts that men will appreciate is far from impossible, especially if your groomsmen are working in the business world. The following seven groomsmen gift ideas can appeal to any professional or businessman, as these gifts would be appropriate for anyone from Don Draper to Bill Gates.

great-humidor-flaskPersonalized Humidor and Flask Set
If your groomsmen enjoy an awesome cigar and a glass of scotch, then this may be the perfect gift. This custom-made humidor can be personalized (as can the flask) with the names or initials of your groomsmen, and it comes equipped with everything they would need for an informal business meeting: a cigar cutter, lighter and flask. To make this the best groomsmen gift your guys have ever received, make sure to include some fine Cuban cigars. Just don’t tell the government.   You can get it here for $70.


Perhaps your groomsmen have entered the business world but still have that frat house mentality. If this is the case, give them a gift that will allow them to drink discreetly during an after-hours business meeting. The iFlask, which is designed to look like an iPhone, can hold five ounces of liquor and is smartly equipped with a bottle opener and a funnel.   This awesome groomsmen gift will run you $30 here.


mantry-gift-best-manSubscription to Mantry
Looking for groomsmen gifts that keep on giving? Try a three-month subscription to Mantry. The company sends out an awesome crate each month filled with artisanal food products that are sure to impress even the most discerning enthusiast. Your groomsmen will appreciate the opportunity to boast to their co-workers about the bison jerky that was just shipped from Montana or the birch syrup that was harvested by hand in Alaska.  You can get a subscription for your groomsmen by going to


Personalized Barrel-Shaped Wine Tool Set Whether your groomsmen are aspiring sommeliers or semi-classy winos, this barrel-shaped wine tool set is a great groomsmen gift. The barrel can be personalized with their name or initials, and it comes equipped with all of the tools necessary for uncorking their favorite bottle of wine, which would pair exceptionally well as a part of this groomsmen gift.  You can get this bad boy here for $80.


Wi-Fi Hotspot Cuff Links Are your groomsmen heavily involved with technology? Perhaps they are just so important that they need to be constantly connected to the office no matter where they are. These unique cuff links come equipped with the ability to turn any location into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Not only will your groomsmen feel constantly connected, they will also feel like 007 in their high-tech and classy cuff links.  These will cost you a pretty penny on this website, but they would make for one of the best groomsmen gifts ever.


personalized-groomsmen-gifts-card-holderLeather Business Card Holder So many young businessmen are very proud of the quality and style of their business cards, yet they carry them around in the same cheap metal case that everyone else uses. Help your groomsmen with this issue by giving them this classic leather business card holder, which will perfectly frame their card and help them make that lasting impression.  This personalized business card holder will run you $150 on this website.


creative-virtual-keyboardVirtual Keyboard As far as groomsmen gifts for businessmen go, there are few gifts more technologically impressive than the virtual keyboard. No one appears especially remarkable when they are constantly squinting at their smartphone while hammering away at keys that are far too small. Even worse, this generally results in minor errors and typos that represent a major faux pas in any business e-mail. With a virtual keyboard, your groomsmen can not only avoid these mistakes caused by tiny keys, but they can also appear to be on the cutting edge of technology wherever they may be. The keyboard can be used on any flat surface and is an excellent gift for tech-savvy groomsmen, it will definetely be one of the most creative groomsmen gifts your guys ever receive.  It will run you $120 from this website.

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