Personalized Beer Mug

groomsmen-gifts-mugThis one is a classic, we had to put it here just because its a great groomsmen gift that you can’t go wrong with.  Any guy would be happy to have this and drink beers out of it for the rest of their lives.  There is a reason why this is the best selling groomsmen gift out there, because it rules!  If you like the idea of a beer drinking mug you can usually get these personalized mug pictured here for around $20 a pop, go here to see an entire slew of sweet options at affordable prices.

Personalized Mustache Toiletry Bag

toiletry-bag-groomsmen-giftWho wouldn’t love getting this for a groomsmen gift.  Every time you put your tooth brush in this cool little toiletry bag you will chuckle to yourself.  And for $40, it is relatively inexpensive.  You can pick one up here for $40, and if you read the reviews you will see that everyone raves about them.

BBQ Tools in Golf Bag

golf-bag-grill-setEvery guy loves to grill, and every one of your groomsmen will need a set of good utensils to assist them with their grilling.  You may as well make utensils be a lot more cool by having them sit in this awesome golf bag.  The utensils also come with golf grips on them.  If your groomsmen are golf fans, this will be a great groomsmen gift idea.  It will only run you about $30 on this website.

Tickets To an Event

D10-TIX_SU_B_^_SUNDAYPurchase tickets for a sporting event that you can attend together. For the gift presentation pick up a symbol of the event. You can find tickets for any type of event on For instance – if you choose tickets to a baseball game – pick up a baseball for each man. You could sign the ball and put the date of your wedding on it. You could even look online to see if you could purchase a personalized ball. This would be a cool groomsmen gift to display in his man-cave after the event. In a gift box with the ball put the ticket you have purchased for the game. You could even include a disposable camera to catch memories of the event . The pictures could be framed to hang in a man-cave later, so you could include a cool picture frame in the box, too. Include a canned beverage and a ticket for you to purchase a hot dog at the game. You could include a box of cracker jacks that are often identified with baseball games…sunglasses…a personalized beer mug with a can of beer in it…a ball cap or tee-shirt. Your budget – your choice. Put all the items in a box with some tissue paper and tie the box shut with a masculine ribbon. (Think basketball, football and other sporting events that fit your group.)

Ultimate Breakfast Machine

cool-groomsmen-gifts-breakfast-machineWhy go to McD’s when you can stack your own breakfast sandwich with precision.  This mechanism makes it easy and perfectly symmetrical at the same time.  For the guy who likes his egg sandwich on the go.

One Handed Party Plate


Avoid those awkward juggling moments at parties when you need a free hand but have a plate of food and a beer.  This contraption solves that flawlessly.  You can find it on for $35.

Chaser Shot Glass

groomsmen-gifts-cool-shot-glassNo doubt your groomsmen will think this gift is cool.  You can fill the bottom part with a chaser, and the top part with your favorite shot.  The chaser won’t pour out until the glass it tilted enough, making you suck down the top shot first.  Clearly one of the best shot glasses out there, and throwing the brand Jack Daniels on anything makes it cool.  You can get this awesome groomsmen gift for an affordable $10 a piece here.



Maybe more of a throw in gift idea rather then a full blown groomsmen gift, the Scorzie will be coveted by your groomsmen.  It does two of the most important things a man can ask for, keeps your beer cold and keeps score of the drinking game you are partaking in.  A cool gift idea that all your groomsmen will love, the Scorzie will run you about $13 from this website.

Stainless Steel Pistol Flask Holder

flask-gun-groomsmen-giftsHow funny will it be when you hand this cool groomsmen gift to your fellas.  Odds are they will laugh their faces off, then think about what an awesome groomsmen gift you got them.  This isn’t a full blow gift for your groomsmen, its more of an add on to your existing gift that will make the guys laugh.  The best part is it will only run you a little over $12 on this website, so its a great way to get some good laughs at an affordable price tag.

Survival Knife

knife-groomsmen-giftsEvery dude needs a knife, its something they will either keep around the house or take with them if they are going to watch their favorite football team play at an away stadium.  If they are going to have one, why not get them this cool personalized knife.  This knife comes with an awesome black blade and and an LED light.  If thats not enough even more useful it also has a fire starter on it.  Your groomsmen will be pumped when they open this thing up, you can get it personalized for about $35 a pop on this website.

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