How Much Should You Spend on Groomsmen Gifts?

While planning out wedding expenses, treat some gifts for your groomsmen will inevitably come up. How do you know how much to spend, though? Planning a wedding is already a daunting task without the thought of insulting those who helped you make your wedding a reality and showed you a great time while doing it. The last thing you want to do is be ungrateful toward some of your best friends. When deciding how much to spend on groomsmen gifts, take the following points into consideration.


What are these gifts for?The whole point of giving gifts to your groomsmen is to say thank you for all the work an expense they put in to make your wedding a reality. Consider that they likely paid for air fare, a tuxedo rental, a hotel room and gifts for you and your fiancée, not to mention the time they may have taken off of work to come to your wedding in the first place. No matter what, remember that this is how you are showing your dear friends gratitude for what they have done for you.

What are my groomsmen like?

Chances are if your groomsmen are nonsmokers, they likely won’t get much mileage out of a pack of Cuban cigars. Do your best to align your groomsmen gifts you give them with what they like. If that is not feasible, then take a slight gamble and see what they may like based on their personalities instead. For example, a quirky person may appreciate a gift equally quirky. Have you ever heard of bottle openers shaped like tools, for example? If you really are unsure of what to give them, you could also try giving gift cards to each of your groomsmen’s favorite store so they can pick out what they want.
john-rice-caricature-2How does my budget look?

The most important thing to remember is that your gifts should reflect your budget. It’s just rude to have a million-dollar wedding and only spend around $10 on gifts. Although they may not say so, that’s a surefire way to make your groomsmen angry. We’re not saying to break the bank getting your groomsmen gifts, but get them something decent that you can afford. If you aren’t exactly able to spend a lot of money on your wedding in the first place, stay on the lookout for sales or coupon codes floating around the internet. You could also try having something custom-made for them instead. A little reference some sort of inside joke is perfect, for example.

Have I talked about this with my fiancée?

You are getting married, so this is an excellent opportunity to work together with your fiancée to determine how much to spend or come up with ideas for gifts if you have no idea. If anyone has given gifts often in the past, it will probably be your fiancée. She may be able to give you good advice regarding what to give as gifts so take advantage and run some ideas by her before you commit to a particular item. Make it an open discussion.

photo2What is important to remember is that how the gift is received is not necessarily dependent on its value. Grooms spend somewhere around $50 for the father of the bride and the best man and close to $40 on the rest of the groomsman gifts on average, but something original and personal can also have a lasting impact. Always make sure to make each gift unique as well and, above all, make sure to convey you really do appreciate everything your groomsmen have done for you.

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