4 Cool Ways to Ask Your Best Buddies to Be Your Groomsmen

So you finally popped the question, huh? Well, well, well…the wedding planning mania is about to set it, whether you sit back on the couch with a beer in hand and let it unfold before your eyes or whether you’re all up in there making your own contributions to the ever-growing set of plans is up to you and your bride-to-be. But, either way, the biggest decision you’ll get to make when it comes to tying to the knot is definitely who you choose to serve at your groomsmen and, most importantly, you’re right hand best man. Here’s 4 cool ideas for how to do it right…because we know if left to your own manly devices, you’ll likely screw it up.


1. Pass the bottle…

Let’s be real…several beerfest hangouts are gonna happen with your guys before the wedding day rolls around and you find yourself fiddling with that damn bow-tie again. Make it a casual, low-pressure situation for you and your friends why investing in some good ole beer labels that’ll do the asking for you. They’re actually pretty hilarious, and you won’t have to tap into your emotions to get the question out. Beer and bro-friendly conversation? Sounds like a win-win to us.


2.Smoke on it.

All the best things in life have traditionally been celebrated with a good cigar smoke. Why shouldn’t this big time in your life count (c’mon, you know it’s a big deal that you’re getting hitched)? Oh, and knock out two birds with one stone while doing it by getting customized cigars like these for your best friends. It won’t require a lot of work…or crafting…we know how inept you are with a pair of scissors. The guys will enjoy getting a cigar out of the deal, too.


3. Go dapper or go home.

Hey…us guys like a little pampering too and there’s definitely no shame in taking a little bit of joy in an old fashioned shave, especially when you’ve got an awesome kit like this one to do the honors. So stop dragging your feet and get one of these for each of your guys (gotta keep ‘em looking suave and smooth and less embarrassing to be seen with for all those wedding parties). Include a note with the big “will you be my groomsman?” written on it and all the rest is smooth sailing. Or, ask verbally…you did just propose, so we think you can handle it.


4. Honor the mustache.

Asking your guy friends to be in your wedding doesn’t have to be a big, “let’s share a good cry about it” party. In fact, you can have as much fun with it as you want. Take these cards above for example, which require you’re friends accept the position as groomsman by sticking on the mustache attached to the card and sending you a photo. Trust us…use these and you’ll get a good laugh and mustache pictures to use for later blackmail. We don’t know what could be better. Except for more beer. Any situation could use more beer.

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