Guide to Hunting For Awesome Groomsmen Gift Ideas

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Wedding Day is an interesting event.    There is so much gravity positioned on the bride and all the ensuing minutia to ensure that the day is as ideal as possible.  So much so, that it almost becomes such that the groom becomes nothing more than a cool accessory when all is said and done.  Yes, with the dress, the hair and the frills, it’s impossible for the bride not to be the centerpiece, but there is one token of the event the lucky lady can’t take from us.  That is hanging with the guys.   While the groom may be a side bar walking down the aisle, connecting with your bros is a celebration within the celebration.   It’s a chance to further bond with your best buddies on what is an awesome life changing event.  So as not mess it all up, the groom must deliver on the one tangible item that really brings it together – the best groomsmen gifts ever.  While we don’t like the idea of basing friendship on material items, we do challenge you to ensuring that you don’t pull a dud in this department in deflating the run of bro-ship during the festivities.
cool-cap-opener-giftBasically, men suck at gift giving.  They’re just no good at it.  And if you are, we question your manliness.  We procrastinate, we generally lack the ability to be creative and often enough can’t really see from the other guys shoes. Don’t put an awkward, confused and forced thank you smile on your groomsmen’s face when he’s on the receiving end.  Pick him up something awesome that he’s going to be genuinely stoked about getting and stepping back and feeling that you actually put some time into it during one of the craziest periods in your life.  It will go a long way.  Here are some critical things to think about in picking your groomsmen gifts for rehearsal dinner night.

Picking the best groomsmen gifts necessitates understanding a few key factors:

  1.  Take a step back and understand your buddy on an intimate level.  What are his unique interests?  What connects the two of you?   While you should naturally know if he’s in your wedding party, don’t hesitate to ask his girlfriend or mom about anything new in his life that fires him up.
  2. What’s the budget and how much cash are you willing to dish?  Most likely you are already spending a fortune on your wedding, but you don’t want to make it seem like you skimped with cheap groomsmen gifts.  You want to get the most bang for your buck in making the most of this gift.
  3. Research, research and more research.  Know your options to spend your money wisely.



Now a few concepts to consider in developing guidelines on choices:

  1.  Be original if you can, find things unique to your groomsmen.  Don’t get them one stock gift across the group, customize some personalization for each guy.  It’ll be fun during the opening ceremony.
  2. Don’t treat your groomsmen like a factory line unless they are quintuplets.
  3. Don’t get too creative and buy them a gift with zero practical value, that unless you don’t mind the gift hitting the bottom of a box in the basement upon first day home.
  4. Find something unique, but also something usable.  Use the lava lamp test – when you see one, you think “wow”, that’s cool.  When you get one, you think, “where do I put this thing?”

Each of your groomsmen is unique, treat the gift giving as such.  Take a step back, a pause and put some effort into idea generation and follow through.  Cap off the stag and all the time spent with each other in those moments leading up to the grand daddy event with a gift that rocks.   They deserve it and just as importantly, you deserve it, hook your guys up with some amazing cool groomsmen gifts.

The guys in your wedding party are there for a reason, because you like hanging out with them.  One of the best groomsmen gifts you can give is one that gives you and your groomsmen the opportunity to hang out.   Hook them up with a groomsmen gift that allows you to all hang out together.  Here are a few ideas:


Consider buying a set of tickets to a sporting event that you and all of your groomsmen would enjoy together for some time after your honeymoon. A group sporting event is always fun, and this sends the added message to your bros that you will not forget about them once you are hitched. Many newly married husbands struggle with balancing their new marriage and their old friendships. This would be a good healthy step toward achieving that balance.

rafting-day-trip-giftDay Trip

What about a weekend or day-trip to the beach together. In your gift box, you could include a beach towel or a personalized surfing shirt and a reservation ticket to a seafood restaurant at the end of the day. If budget permits add additional fun items like a canned beverage, sunscreen, sunglasses, a man-thermos, beach shoes – things that will set the tone of a fun surfing or body-boarding day. Make a card on the computer that tell about the adventure and the times and dates it will take place and set it in with the other items. You can choose an array of items within your budget. If you don’t live near the coast, substitute a water skiing trip and barbecue at a lake.

golfing-groomsmen-giftsGolf Passes

Purchase a set of golf passes for you and your groomsmen. For presentation purchase a personalized golf towel and some personalized golf balls. Put the items in a box with some tissue paper and include the golf pass when you deliver this as a gift for your groomsmen. Optional presentation – you could put the items in a small bucket like the ones that you rent on golf course driving ranges. Put tissue paper in the bucket to keep the element of surprise until the gifts are opened. Arrange your purchased items in the gift bucket and put the pass inside. You could add a gift certificate for a round of drinks or a meal at the clubhouse or a restaurant when you are done. Another special touch for the presentation of the gift might be to spray paint the buckets in silver or gold. Then to finish it off, choose some manly ribbon and put a bow on the handle or around the bucket. Again, you might put a disposable camera inside. If you have problems tying a great bow – go to a Michaels Store or a flower shop and ask if they could tackle the job for you. Mom might help out, too.


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