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This cool shaver will make a welcome addition to any guys arsenal of toiletries.  We are a huge fan of the case it comes in and for $40, would be a great addition in a toiletry kit for your groomsmen.  Throw it in a cool toiletry bag like this one and it makes one cool gift.  You can get it on this site for $40.

Groomsmen Group Caricature

groomsmen-caricature-awesomePossibly one of the best gift ideas out there, troche a group caricature of all your groomsmen will have everyone smiling when they receive their copy.   As long as you have pictures of all the groomsmen, you can have one of these caricatures made at a reasonable price tag.  One of our favorite websites to have these made is Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.  They cost about $200 for an average sized wedding party.

Sportsman’s Hatchet



If you are looking for something creative that your groomsmen won’t get at every other wedding that they are in, this hatchet makes a great, unique gift.  Just make sure they put it away before they have had too many beers at your wedding reception.  You can get it here for $30.

All in One Sinful Products Case

cool-all-in-one-flasksThis is a great groomsmen gift that you won’t want to leave home without, it will automatically mean that you will get into trouble with your friends.  It comes with a zippo lighter and a flask that also has room for a cigar.  Clearly one of the coolest groomsmen gifts out there, and you can have it personalized for $45 a pop from this website.

Luxury Shaving Kit

luxury-shave-setShaving sucks, its something you have to do just about everyday and most guys don’t want to spend a few extra bucks getting themselves some cool equipment to help make it a more enjoyable experience.  If you gotta shave, you may as well have a cool way of doing it.   Your groomsmen will be psyched when you give them this luxury shaving set, and the best part is that it will only run you about $30 a pop on this website.

Gator Combo Axe

gator-combo-axeThis forged steel hatchet and knife combo is great for any outdoors man. One of the best groomsmen gift ideas out there, this $45 hatchet can be used for any variety of purposes, such as cutting or splitting firewood, while the knife can be used for cutting para cord or cleaning fish. The knife fits inside the handle of the hatchet, which features the Gator textured rubber for extra comfort and control.

Super Hero Cuff Links

groomsmen-superhero-cufflinksOne idea that we are all about is getting your groomsmen super hero cuff links that most match their personality.  You can get these as the entire gift or as a throw in gift to another larger gift, but either way we love the idea of handing these out at the rehersal dinner and telling each guy why they remind you of the superhero that you gave them.  It makes the groom speech a fun, cool factor and makes it easy to break the ice.  Not to mention the super hero cufflinks will make for some cool pictures on wedding day.  You can get them for for between $10 and $20 a pop on Amazon.

Custom Bobblehead Doll

groomsmen-gifts-bobblehead-dollIts hard to beat giving your groomsmen a custom made bobblehead doll that looks exactly like them.  Its tough to pull off this gift as it will take a lot of work and getting all the details right will be tricky, but imagine the look on your groomsmens face when you hand them a bobblehead doll that looks like them.  You can customize all the little details of the bobblehead, and you can get it for around $75 here.  In our opinion, this one of the best groomsmen gift ideas out there.  

Custom Dartboard

groomsmen gift dart boardYou can’t beat this dart board for a gift if you are looking to get something funny for your groomsmen.  It will easily be the most memorable groomsmen gift they will ever receive and will be talking about it for years to come. If you want to get a laugh out of your guys and give them this dart board, you can get it on this website for $60 a pop.

Bottle Cap Catcher

cap-catchersAny guy will be excited to receive this as a groomsmen gift and hang it up in their room, man cave, or bar.  This is a can’t miss as a groomsmen gift, they will never have to look for their bottle opener again.  You can get this gift personalized for about $40 from this website.

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