8 of the Best Groomsmen Gifts for Sports Fans

Continuing in our article for giving the best groomsmen gifts ideas for every type of dude, today we focus on the sports fan.  If you have groomsmen in your wedding party that are sports fans, here are the top eight groomsmen gifts for sports fans.  Of course, being men, things that are sports and things that make enjoying sports better or often offered as gifts.

Tickets to a Game

As if attending your wedding wasn’t treat enough, thank your groomsmen by getting groomsmen gifts for sports fans such as tickets to a sports game they love. Whether you take all the groomsmen together before the wedding or get their tickets so they can go individually later on, your groomsmen will be thrilled that they were chosen to be a part of your big day and all the festivities that go along with it.  There are several places you can buy tickets for game day, including at the stadium, at select grocery stores and online on websites such as ticketsnow.comstubhub.com and tickets.com.


For sports-loving groomsmen unable to show their support of the groom by sitting on the groom’s side of the aisle, what better way is there for them to show their support of the groom than by wearing jerseys? Whether the jerseys are worn under tuxes on the big day or handed out to be worn after the wedding is over, any sports-loving groomsmen would love a new jersey.  Customink.com is a great an inexpensive way to buy personalized jerseys for your sports-loving groomsmen. You can use one of many predesigned templates to personalize your jersey or create your own unique logo with their CustomInk Design Lab.

NFL Money Clip

An NFL money clip is a nice affordable way to say the effort is appreciated. This is an especially thoughtful gift, especially when there are many groomsmen, and they are all different. This gift is guaranteed to be used by the groomsmen and that is what most grooms strive to achieve.  You can get a great  money clip for around $45 on this website.


The Scorzie

The Scorzie Score Tracking Drink Coozie is the ultimate in beer drinking gear, and it is especially suited for men. It is stainless steel. This means it cleans up easily and does not hold smell. The built in scorer allows for keeping tabs of the number of cans that have been knocked back, but they can also be used to keep simple scores in several types of games.  The Scorzie will only run you about $15 a piece on this website.


golf-groomsmen-giftsPersonalized Bobbleheads

If you are looking for a truly unique groomsmen gift, you may want to consider getting personalized bobbleheads for your groomsmen. Bobbleheads are a fun and unique toy people of all ages love to play with. Who wouldn’t like a miniature version of themselves that will agree with everything they say?  Create personalized bobbleheads that look just like your groomsmen by visiting 1minime.com. 1minime bobbleheads are 100 percent handmade and 100 percent fun. They come in a variety of body types and themes and look just like the photo you submit.

Cooler Seats

For sports fans who attend smaller sports games and are worried that they may not get a seat on a small set of bleachers, a personal cooler seat is one of the best groomsmen gifts for sports fans out there. Cooler seats can be stashed in a trunk, and then pulled out easily whenever they are needed. They are great not only for sports games but also for camping trips or trips to the beach or pool.   This Spectator Cooler Chair from Staples conveniently folds and unfolds to offer a comfortable seat or to be stashed in a trunk. It comes in three colors—blue, black and camo—and can be personalized with a free screen print logo you design.

Office Putter Set

An Office Putter Set is for the small set of professional friends that spend a lot of office time together. The set fits in the desk and can be pulled out anytime for the small diversion that is needed during stressful days. This will make an excellent best man or small group of groomsmen gift.  You can get one of these awesome groomsmen gifts personalized for $45 on this website.

Tabletop Grills

A tabletop grill also makes an awesome groomsmen gift for any sports fan. These small grills are perfect for tailgating, camping and get-togethers on the disc golf course. Even if your groomsmen own full sized grills, they can always use a smaller version for its convenience and portability.   This Weber Go-Anywhere Gas Grill features a porcelain-enameled base and lid, heavy-duty locking legs, three reinforced handles and two rust-resistent exhaust vents. It is one of the groomsmen gifts for sports fans your groomsmen will love and use again and again.

Groomsmen gifts are becoming the norm at contemporary wedding services. Groomsmen endure a lot to see their friends make the transition into family life. As a thank you gift, grooms are getting their friends gifts in appreciation for their efforts.

The greatest thing about all of these groomsmen gifts is that they are all less than fifty bucks, but the greatest part is these are gifts that will be used, and there is no greater way to say they appreciate it.

Geek culture is decidedly more mainstream these days, and this means that you have a variety of options at your disposal when it comes to coming up with perfect and unique groomsmen gift ideas for the geeks among your wedding party. We have compiled a list of seven groomsmen gifts ideas that we feel are the best, so instead of spending hours and hours searching for an amazing groomsmen gift for your geeky friends, you can go back to arguing over whether it was Han or Greedo who shot first in the Mos Eisley cantina.

Icon Wallet

The Icon Wallet is a great groomsmen gift for guys who need a better organizational system when it comes to their phone, cards and cash. This wallet is sleekly designed and holds an iPhone 5 or 5s along with cards and cash. The wallet itself is made of fine leather, which provides another excellent opportunity for personalization.  You can get it here for $50.



Cell Phone Lenses

If the groomsmen in your wedding are creative types, you can help them transform their phones into high quality cameras that are perfect for any occasion. Instead of having your groomsmen running around your wedding with bulky camera equipment, they can simply attach these cell phone lenses and take all of the photos they want. Featuring telephoto, fisheye, wide angle and macro, polarizer and super fisheye lenses, these attachments represent a virtual bag of photography equipment.  These awesome groomsmen gift will run you around $50 on this website.


Geeky Cuff Links

Very few geeks enjoy wearing a tuxedo or otherwise having to dress up, so allow them to express their inner nerd by giving them a set of cuff links. There are many to choose from, including Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who and many, many more. You can give out matching cuff links or you can personalize them based on the tastes of your individual groomsmen.  You can see lots of fun cufflink choices on ThinkGeek, which will run you anywhere from $20 to $50.



R2-D2 Keyboard Projector

Keyboard projectors are pretty amazing to begin with, but one that is projected by none other than R2-D2? That is not only unique, but it is downright the best projector out there. The keyboard can be projected and used on any surface, allowing for your groomsmen to easily troll their favorite (or least favorite) message boards from any location.   This awesome groomsmen gift is pricey, but it will blow your groomsmen away.  It will run you $300 on this website.


The Mod

The Mod is the one of the best groomsmen gift ideas for tech-savvy groomsmen who are working in the professional world. This stylish planner comes with interchangeable inserts based on the needs of the individual, and it can carry tablets, styluses, cords and cards simply and easily. Since it is made of leather, you can easily have it personalized for each of your groomsmen.  You can get it on this website.



Terra Time Watch

If you are looking for a cool gift for your groomsmen, look no further than the Terra Time Watch. This watch is very aesthetically pleasing as it features a topographical map design that pairs environmental elements and architectural expertise. Perhaps most importantly, the design is perfect for a variety of occasions, so your groomsmen can wear it with their tuxes just as easily as they can while wearing a t-shirt and jeans.  This bad boy will run you $145 on this website.


Wi-Fi and USB Cuff Links

What geek does not like to be connected at all times? Your groomsmen will appreciate your thoughtfulness when you give them a pair of cuff links that offer both Wi-Fi and USB storage capability. With a constant Wi-Fi hotspot at their disposal, your groomsmen will never be offline and they will have 2 GB worth of data right on their wrist.  You can get them here for $250.





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