7 of the Best Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

Selecting the perfect gift for your groomsmen may seem like a difficult task, erectile and you may believe it is even more difficult if you have to do so on a budget. Fortunately, prostate there are many cheap groomsmen gifts that are exceptionally thoughtful and personal, allowing you to show your appreciation to your closest friends without breaking the bank. Here you will find seven of the best affordable groomsmen gifts, all of which can be found for $25 or less.

Stainless Steel Flask and Cigar Holder 

A stainless steel flask and cigar holder is an excellent way to show your appreciation for all of the great times that you have shared with your groomsmen. This flask and cigar holder can easily be customized with an engraving for each one of your groomsmen, and you can even slip a fine cigar in each flask along with some bourbon so that you can all share a celebratory moment at some point during your wedding day.  This flask will run you $24.95 on this website.


Louisville Slugger Mini Bats

One of the most commonly shared interests among men is a love of sports, and there is likely no better way to honor this connection than by giving your groomsmen a personalized miniature Louisville Slugger. This is the perfect accessory for any bar or man cave, as it not only looks cool, but it also serves as a constant reminder of the fun times that you and your groomsmen have spent together.   You can get these awesome mini bats for $19.99 on the Louisville Slugger website.


Stainless Steel Engravable Wedge Cufflinks

If you want to give your groomsmen gifts with a touch of class, then cufflinks may be the way to go. These cufflinks can be engraved, so you can easily have them customized for each groomsmen. Not only is this a classy way to thank your groomsmen, but it is also a practical gift that they can use on the day of your wedding.  These great cufflinks will cost you $24.99 here.


Fix-it Keychain 

When it comes to finding gifts for your groomsmen, it is always best to go with something that is both practical and easily personalized. This keychain, which is equipped with a flathead and Phillips head screwdriver, is a convenient addition to any set of keys and can be monogrammed with your groomsmen’s initials. As of this writeup, these were on sale for $12.99, but at full price they will only run you $19.99 on this website.


Personalized 64 oz. Beer Growler

Do you and your groomsmen take regular trips to the brewery to stock up on the latest craft beer? If you do, then you should strongly consider giving them this 64-ounce beer growler. It can be personalized so that you and your groomsmen never get your beers mixed up, and you are also able to bring ample amounts of tasty brew wherever you happen to go.  You can get it for $19.95 here.


All-In-One Tool Set with Built-in Flashlight

You can never go wrong with a multi-tool as a gift, and this one happens to boast seven tools in a single compact package. It provides your groomsmen with a variety of tools, including wire cutters, screwdrivers (both Phillips and flat), an LED flashlight, a bottle opener, needle-nose pliers and a file. Of course, it can be customized so you can provide a bit of a personal touch.  You can get it for $14.99 on this website.


Fruit Keg Tapping Kit

No party is complete without the ability to offer interesting drink options to the guests, and there is no better way to impress partygoers than by tapping a watermelon. Give your groomsmen the ability to be the hit of any party they host or attend, as this simple system makes it very easy to make those sweet summer drinks just a bit sweeter. Your groomsmen will just have to hollow out the watermelon (or other piece of seasonal fruit) and load it up with the cocktail of their choice and watch all of their guests’ impressed expressions.   This great groomsmen gift is pretty cheap, it will only cost you $19.99 on Uncommon Goods.


Weddings are a time of celebration and partying, especially if you have a set of groomsmen who like to drink. One of the hardest things when planning a wedding though, is trying to figure out which are the best groomsmen gifts to get your friends, brothers, and anyone else you may have in your wedding. If they are guys who like to drink and have a good time, it can be complicated further, since they are not going to be impressed with a pair of socks, engraved robe, or canvas bag. Taking this into account, we have put together a lift of seven groomsmen gifts for the boozers in your group.


unique_groomsmen_gifts_sinfulAll in One Sinful Product Case

A Sinful Combination Case is a combination flask, cigar and lighter holder. What else is needed when visiting your newly married friend to watch the game? The case is brushed metal with a slight nickel hue, and each compartment is accessible through twist off tops. The set comes with a zippo, holds one cigar and one and a half ounces of the chosen libation.  You can get them for $45 on this website.


drinking-groomsmen-gifts-whiskeyRocking Whiskey Glasses

The latest fad in drinkware is rocking whiskey or brandy glasses. The stemless glasses are formed so that when they are placed down, they continue the swirling motion that aerates good whiskey and brandy by rocking continuously. Because of this action, every time the drinker retrieves their glass, the aromatics in the drinks are already wafting in the glass.  You can get a set of 6 of them for $25 on this website.

beer-drinking-koozie-150x150Scorzie, a beverage holder that keeps score 
The Scorzie stormed the scene pretty recently, and has quickly become a unique and entertaining gift to get your groomsmen. It is up there as one of the best gifts available, as it is a beverage holder that also allows you to keep score. It allows you to keep score for two teams, up to 21 points each. This is great for the groomsmen who like to go tailgating at football games, concerts, or any other backyard BBQ.


groomsmen-gifts-coasters-150x150Turf coasters for the drinking golfers 
If you have groomsmen who like to drink, they also will most likely enjoy golfing. After they get home from a round of 18 on Saturday, they can sit down with a beverage, and place it on top of a coaster made of grass. The Turf Coaster Set is a great gift idea for the golfers in your group. It will certainly put a smile on their face as they watch golf on television on Sunday afternoons.


best-whiskey-barrel-150x150Engraved Whiskey barrel 
This is a more expensive gift, but it is one of the best groomsmen gifts out there in our opinion. This personalized whiskey barrel will bring a smile to any guy, and be a great addition to a man cave. The barrel holds 2 liters of whatever spirit you like, and can be engraved with initials, a name, and so on at no additional cost.


portable-keg-groomsmen-gift-150x150The keg shaped propane grill 
Tailgating is always one of the most enjoyable things any guy does, and what better way to tailgate than on a keg shaped propane grill. This cool portable grill is made of high-quality stainless steel, has heat-resistant handles, and can easily come along for any football game come Saturday, or Sunday.


moonshine-groomsmen-gifts-150x150The portable beer glass 
If you have friends that enjoy drinking out of a glass, why not give them the option to bring a glass wherever hey go. Instead of the old-fashioned red Solo cup, this portable plastic pint can be brought anywhere, and can twist and open with a flick of the wrist.


There is nothing better than buying a gift for a groomsmen that will bring a smile to their faces. Going for something unique, and something that suits your group of drinkers, will definitely help you achieve just that. The 5 items above are some of the more unique, best groomsmen gifts out there, so check them out and get ready for a great wedding!

If you are looking for more cheap groomsmen gift ideas, we have more of them on this page.

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