Worthy Wine Kit

Millennials are guzzling wine like its Prohibition times, as sales have increased by almost 20 percent in the past year.  This unique wine kit will really raise an eyebrow with your groomsmen.  Leave your special day as a lasting memory for your buddies when you personalize the gift box that houses these great wine accessories.  It’s not easy coming up with fun groomsmen gift ideas, and since everyone is drinking vino these days, this gift will really rock their socks!  Pick one up today on this site for $45.


If you want to treat your groomsmen to a cool gift that is going to bring fun to the rehearsal dinner, then the Flaskenstein will make a huge splash.  When you are handing out the gifts, it will definitely have everyone laughing and waiting in anticipation to see which flask is theirs. Handing these cool flask to your groomsmen will make your rehearsal speech all that much funnier.  You can get it for $45 on this site.


This cool shaver will make a welcome addition to any guys arsenal of toiletries.  We are a huge fan of the case it comes in and for $40, would be a great addition in a toiletry kit for your groomsmen.  Throw it in a cool toiletry bag like this one and it makes one cool gift.  You can get it on this site for $40.

Groomsmen Group Caricature

groomsmen-caricature-awesomePossibly one of the best gift ideas out there, troche a group caricature of all your groomsmen will have everyone smiling when they receive their copy.   As long as you have pictures of all the groomsmen, you can have one of these caricatures made at a reasonable price tag.  One of our favorite websites to have these made is Groovy Groomsmen Gifts.  They cost about $200 for an average sized wedding party.

Bottle Breacher

BulletThere’s no better gift for a man that enjoys a frosty cold one than the Bottle Breacher. A bottle opener made of the most manly material on Earth…A bullet! No man won’t enjoy shooting through a six pack with his bud opened with his .50 Caliber bottle opener. So please help you husband or father be the coolest guy at the next BBQ with the very original Bottle Breacher.  This opener can be personalized with up to 25 characters and can come in a few different styles. Price range from $17-$45 bucks but it’s worth for the manliness credits received when seen using the opener.

Sportsman’s Hatchet



If you are looking for something creative that your groomsmen won’t get at every other wedding that they are in, this hatchet makes a great, unique gift.  Just make sure they put it away before they have had too many beers at your wedding reception.  You can get it here for $30.

All in One Sinful Products Case

cool-all-in-one-flasksThis is a great groomsmen gift that you won’t want to leave home without, it will automatically mean that you will get into trouble with your friends.  It comes with a zippo lighter and a flask that also has room for a cigar.  Clearly one of the coolest groomsmen gifts out there, and you can have it personalized for $45 a pop from this website.

Personalized Whiskey Stones

personalized-whiskey-stonesIf your guys are whiskey drinkers, these whiskey stones make a tremendous gift for the price.  For $23 on this website, you get a set of 6 of them with your groomsmen’s initials, or whatever else you want, engraved on them. Your groomsmen will never have to worry about their whiskey being diluted with melting ice again.  The set includes 6 engraved whiskey stones and a muslin bag to deliver them in. They will appreciate these for years to come

The Man Can

the-man-can-groomsmenYour groomsmen might think twice about you if you give them a bunch of lotions and gel in a gift basket, pilule but if you put them in a cool man can its a completely different story.  This sweet can comes with gel, soap, hand butter, aftershave, and a few daily essentials that your groomsmen can use to take care of themselves.   At a cost of $50 on this website, it makes for an awesome groomsmen gift!

Hand Forged Bottle Opener

hand-forged-bottle-opener-giftWe love these custom made hand forged bottle openers.  They are are hand made with some serious love by a blacksmith out in South Dakota and personalized with the names you want put on them.  They are something your groomsmen will have for the rest of their life, and will think about how awesome it is every time they pop open a cold brew.   Everything about them is great, even the packaging that they come in.  These cool hand forged bottle openers will run you $38 a pop on this website, they are in that sweet spot of exactly what you should be paying for a groomsmen gift.

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